Meet the K9 Team

Meet our team of adorable K9 Kitchen Hands

Our four fur kid girls help with everything we do at Sophie Blue. Read below what their jobs are, also please read their stories as they all have one thing in common… all four girls have been abandoned and rescued.


Ruby – who is the cookie quality control officer at Sophie Blue. In our dog treat kitchen Ruby is first to taste new recipes and cookies and by controlling the quality of treats she decides if the cookies are fit for sale or should not be eaten….. so far Ruby has never rejected a cookie, making them all fit for sale…. much to her disappointment.


Polly – who is the dish licking coordinator at Sophie Blue. In our dog treat kitchen Polly who licks her way through life cleans all mixing bowls… she is ever hopeful of receiving a bowl full of fresh cookie mix, not just the dredges. Once her bowl cleaning is done, she brings the empty bowl to the sink for washing up.


Peggy Sue – who is the wooden spoon cleaning chief at Sophie Blue. Peggy Sue’s tongue is nearly as big as her head and she enjoys cleaning all the spoons of any possible cookie mix before they head into the wash up basket. Peggy is ever hopeful that one of the spoons she licks will be edible so she can gobble up the whole lot. We keep a close eye on her as she has a habit of taking spoons and hiding them in her bed.


Milly – is the floor washer and crumb detector at Sophie Blue. She spends her time vacuuming up every crumb and cleaning under benches and cupboards where the big girls cannot fit. Milly gobbles up every tiny morsel like she has never been fed, we do not judge the quality of any treats by Milly as she eats anything she can find… I imagine she would eat asbestos if you served it in her bowl!!!

Ruby’s story


Ruby is our oldest dog and she is an Australian Blue Cattle x Dingo. Just like all the girls Ruby was a dumped puppy who needed a home or she would be facing euthanasia. I fell in love with her soft face and very gentle disposition for a puppy that was lost and confused. Ruby is “top dog” who always goes first when something looks scary around the corner.

She is very protective of the home, but loves going to work with her mum where she spends her day trying to sit on the laps of vets and vet nurses. Ruby is far too big to sit on laps….but you try and tell her that!!!

Polly’s story


Polly is our second oldest and she is an Australian Blue Cattle x Border Collie. Polly is also a victim of dumping, but had also been abused. She too was brought into my vet practice that looks after all my animals, as well as being where I teach vet nursing from, by a lovely lady who rescued her out from under a school bus. As soon as I saw her, even though she was trembling, petrified and covered in mud I fell in love with her. Polly was about 20 weeks old when I first met her; she was already carrying the emotional scars of her abuse.

It took many, many months to be able to successfully do anything to her like bathing or giving an oral treatment without her going hysterical with fear. Polly is still a shy girl but is now a happy, beautiful girl who is still very camera shy, but incredibly intelligent and so loyal. It seems that every day of her life Polly is saying “thank you for rescuing me”.

Peggy Sue’s story


Peggy Sue is a Staffy x Dalmatian, another dumped puppy found wandering the streets at about 11 weeks of age. Once again she was rescued by the nurses at my vets, where they put her in my bag while I was teaching and of course she stayed there, went to sleep and I did not know until I picked up my bag to leave when she jumped up and tried to kiss and lick me to death. Peggy is a very happy girl, but unfortunately her conformation is terrible. Her mum and dad should never have mated, as it has resulted in a dog that has terrible joints, especially her knees (stifle in the back leg) and has ruptured her cruciate ligaments in both hind legs and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia very young. Peggy has had thousands of dollars of surgery and now leads a very full life.

Lucky for her I am into canine therapy and like to complement veterinary medicine with natural remedies, therefore Peggy gets a lot of massage, physio and some hydrotherapy to maintain muscle mass and keep her sound and enjoys herbal treatments as well as much needed veterinary medication to maintain healthy joints. Peggy loves life and her tail never stops wagging… not even when she is asleep!!!

Milly’s story


Milly is a terrier cross, who along with her 2 sisters was dumped in a toaster box at about 2- 3 weeks of age. Left under a tree to die, luckily some children heard their cries and rescued them. They arrived at my vets, who quickly rehydrated their tiny body’s and treated them for fleas as they had fleas from head to toe. Milly was not in a good state, she was so young, her left eye had fully opened, but her right eye was only halfway open, severely ulcerated and very painful. Her tiny little head was covered in sores which we believed resulted from cigarette burns.

I took all 3 puppies home, wormed them, fed and nurtured them back to good health. Milly’s eye needed hourly treatment around the clock and within a week it was starting to look good, opened right up and her sores continued to heal. Milly was so small and backwards that for the first few days I bottled fed her, luckily her sisters learnt to lap quickly and did not need a bottle. Miss “greedy guts” Milly soon learnt to lap and ever since has made eating her number one priority. Her 2 sisters Rosie and Tinkerbell have wonderful homes too, both living a life of luxury just like Milly.

Milly on her back

Milly loves her home and the 3 big girls, Ruby, Polly and Peggy still look after and nurture her. She adores her family, although she will not take to strangers and runs from anyone who smokes or even smells of cigarettes. She keeps everyone amused with her antics with her toys and loves to sleep on her back with her legs up in the air!!!