How to keep your dog safe this Christmas

Human foods can be toxic to Pets.

We all love Christmas and dogs are family members that deserve to be spoilt too. But we really need to be careful with our choice of K9 presents, and extra careful with what they eat. Here is a list of … read more »

Snake bites and your dog

Australian Eastern Brown Snake

One of the biggest fears that dog lovers have in Australia’s summer is snake bite, from some of the most venomous snakes in the world. The outcome of a snake bite for any dog involves many factors; no two cases … read more »

The benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

The benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

In this modern day and age we know that owning a dog benefits our health. Statistics indicate that dog ownership is increasing, with many households having more than one. Living with dogs enriches our lives and they contribute to our … read more »