About Us

We opened to the public in 2005, and have loved every minute designing healthy treats for today’s canine connoisseur… our ethic is simple… we offer only the very best.

We have been baking our own treats for over 15 years. My work and involvement in the Animal Care Industry as both a veterinary nurse and teacher of Animal Care, especially animal nutrition, has provided me with an in depth understanding of all areas of canine care, health and nutrition.

About Us

Caring and responsible dog owners receive great satisfaction from rewarding their dogs, who are important members of their family, but the treat reward must be healthy, tasty and beneficial. Dogs thrive on healthy food and treats.

Working as a teacher in the animal care industry that requires me to keep up to date in animal health and nutrition, especially when teaching veterinary nursing students. It is evident to me that the more you learn about animals, the more you need to learn… and we are committed to continued learning, training and professional development in an industry never ceases to grow and change. This allows me to produce the freshest, healthiest treats for all dogs using safe and beneficial ingredients.

Sophie’s Story – how it all began

Sophie – our blue cattle dog

Sophie was an adorable Australian Blue Cattle bitch, who as a puppy developed acute epilepsy. It all happened so quickly that we suspected it was the result of a toxin, but all the diagnostic work carried out did not pinpoint an actual cause. A lack of oxygen during the initial seizures damaged Sophie’s heart and brain. Her treatment was very successful: Sophie never had a seizure again, but she was not expected to live for very long. She was very fragile and seemed to be sensitive to everything, especially commercial dog food – reaching her first birthday did not look very promising.

My vet gave me a recipe for an all-natural homemade diet based on rice, lean meat and fresh vegetables, with no salt added as he felt that this diet may help Sophie as she needed a low sodium diet that was healthy and natural. I took Sophie home, went and prepared the diet – and started her on the diet that day. Over the weeks I noticed Sophie looked better than my other dogs, no doggy breath or odour and her coat looked incredible. Therefore, I introduced the diet to my other 7 dogs, feeding them the homemade diet with a small amount of premium dry food added.

Then came the crunchy, healthy treats based on fresh first grade ingredients. Once again I consulted with my vet and developed my own recipes using the freshest ingredients I could find.

Sophie passed away at 10 years of age, which was young for a cattle dog – but an amazing age for a dog who was not expected to see her first birthday.

So in memory of Sophie, I decided to start making and selling healthy dog treats, hence the name Sophie Blue. The blue is for blue cattle dogs!!!!