The benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

The benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Quality coconut oil should be clear when liquid and white when solid

In this modern day and age we know that owning a dog benefits our health. Statistics indicate that dog ownership is increasing, with many households having more than one. Living with dogs enriches our lives and they contribute to our overall wellness. So while we are getting excited about how they help us, how about what we can do for them to keep them healthy. Over the last few years it has been identified that Coconut oil added to a dogs diet and treats have many health benefits.

Coconut oil is derived from the fresh white flesh of coconuts. There are 2 types of coconut oil:

1. Virgin Coconut oil: – comes from fresh coconuts. The oil is “cold pressed”, meaning no heat is used to press the oil out. After pressing, the oil sits and settles, and then it is filtered. This happens quickly for freshness, resulting in 100% pure coconut oil. This oil has a lovely coconut smell and a taste that dogs love. If it is “organic” then it must be certified to have been produced without chemicals or pesticides. Cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil is by far the best product to use and is the only source of coconut oil used in Sophie Blue’s treats.

2. RBD Coconut Oil: – is refined, bleached and deodorised to make it edible. Goodness is lost with the chemical processing of the coconut, making it less healthful. The chemical processing stops the oil becoming rancid, most likely because the coconut source is not fresh. This coconut oil has little if any taste or aroma.

There are numerous health benefits that have been identified for dogs. The ones that I have listed here are the most common and many are the ones that I have seen myself from using it with my own dogs:

  • Reduces or eliminates “doggy” odour – often results from the diet that the dog is on
  • Improves skin health – helps dry and flaky skin
  • Softens and enriches the coat – so that it is soft and glossy
  • Reduces or eliminates bad breath – that is not related to dental disease
  • Boost energy and metabolism – which may assist weight loss
  • Improves immune function – helping dogs fight off disease
  • Eases arthritis – by reducing pain and inflammation of the joints
  • Promotes brain function – which may prevent dementia (canine cognitive dysfunction)
  • Fights infection – by having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption – soothes digestive tract in dogs that have poor digestion
  • Eases allergies – reduces all forms of inflammation in the body
  • Overall health improvement – by supporting normal body processes and overall well being

The list of benefits of this “wonder oil” could go on forever. I have not seen or heard of a single negative outcome of its use.

Sophie Blue’s Lick n’ Krunch Gourmutt Bones all contain cold pressed virgin coconut oil, it will be making its way into most of our treats soon.